Mortgage Loans – Spring Sale. Check the Offer

Customers from the offer can take advantage of a visit to the bank as well as sales partners. All formalities can also be arranged by telephone and internet with the help of a mortgage specialist.

The offer of spring sale

Spring sale offers clients two variants of a mortgage with a variable interest rate:

– “Easy Start” loan – 1.8% margin and no commission,
– “Light installment” loan – 1.65% margin and a 1.65% commission.

Customers can take advantage of the offer without leaving home. During the telephone conversation with the bank’s specialist, the websites will complete and complete all the required documents that can be sent to the bank via the Internet. At the same time, the bank assistant will also calculate the creditworthiness and installment amount. The same specialist will also notify clients about the credit decision. Thus, the person applying for the loan will pay one visit to the bank in order to sign the loan agreement.

Who can take advantage of the Spring Sale

Who can take advantage of the Spring Sale

ING Bank Śląski directs its promotion to the bank’s clients who:

– they want to take a loan in the amount of PLN 100,000 to PLN 1,500,000,
– they will set up or have an ING account, which will receive a total of PLN 2,000 each month,
– they will buy loan repayment insurance via ING.

Credits from the offer – fixed interest rate

 Credits from the offer - fixed interest rate

The bank offers the same loans in its offer, but with a fixed interest rate. For:

– “Easy Start” loan – fixed interest rate for 5 years is 4.18%,
– “Light installment” loan – the fixed interest rate for 5 years is 3.88%.

Both offers are indefinite. You can buy insurance for loans. Loans can be used for both residential and non-residential purposes.

ING Bank Śląski

At the end of last year, ING Bank Śląski had 7 134 000 client accounts of the institution. Currently, the institution has more than 4,760,000 retail clients cooperating with it and 60,000 medium and large companies. The net profit generated at the end of the fourth quarter was PLN 366,800,000. Profit achieved in the third quarter of this year amounted to over PLN 378,000,000. At the end of September, the bank’s assets amounted to over PLN 134,000,000. ING Bank Śląski owns 351 branches and 63 ING Express points. The Bank also has one thousand ATMs and cash deposit machines. The Bank has held shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1996. The president of the board at ING Bank Śląski is Mr. Brunon Bartkiewicz.