Money loans

Obtaining loans money, a loan or any other type of financing is complex, time consuming, cumbersome and in many cases the conditions and contracts stipulated by banks, lenders, pawnshops and other associations that make loans, are usually unclear and therefore they lead to exuberant debts and outlandish payments to the loan applicants.

Studs Lonigan is a different company, which gives us more open and flexible options to obtain cash in Monterrey, since it has different visions to those of other institutions that provide this service.

Money loans through your car, that is to say an appraisal is made, depending on the result of such process, you will be given the percentage you need, reaching a maximum of 60% of the assigned value and as a limit in amount of 250,000 pesos.

One of the requirements that are not requested in Studs Lonigan for loan authorization is an endorsement. With us you do not have to present a person who is the guarantee that the loaned capital will be paid. Since getting a person who agrees to be an endorsement of another becomes delayed and difficult to meet the requirements required for it and once they meet the subsequent procedures become slow and cumbersome. For what we believe that the guarantee today is more than an insurance of the fulfillment of the procedure, an obstacle for the people who request it. So Studs Lonigan has as a guarantee the car on which money will be lent.

Another great benefit offered by Studs Lonigan over other lenders, or institutions that provide loans and financing, is that the credit bureau is not reviewed. So if you find yourself negatively enlisted in it, it will not be an impediment for you to get your loan.

However Studs Lonigan does not keep the car in the period in which the loan is being paid, that is, you can continue using your vehicle without any restriction, since the only thing that remains with us are the documents of the car. It is a big difference compared with the pawnshops that usually keep your objects and items that you insist on until you finish paying them.

For your convenience and privacy we have a dating system to make space in the agenda and visit our offices or if our customers do not have the time or availability to do so, we have the option of going to our clients’ address. In these appointments you can determine the real value of the vehicle or agree on the payment plan.

The client will be able to choose the payment scheme that best suits him or her between our options

You can opt for “Fixed Payments” consisting of equal monthly payments during a period chosen by the client, depending on the amount and capacity of the consumer. The terms that we can handle range from 6 to 24 months with the option to finish covering your account before, since major payments or before time are not penalized in this company. The other method that our clients can choose is the “Traditional” method where only the interest of the borrowed amount is paid monthly and at the end of the fixed term the total amount is covered. For these cases we have a maximum payment period of six months with the option to renew it.

Remember that we make money loans without wanting to make things difficult and one of the ways we use is to have several payment facilities at your fingertips that match the clients’ possibilities and not the other way around.

Although to be able to provide you with cash we need some requirements so that the deal can be carried out


As mentioned above, we do not keep the car but we do have the original documentation and all the relevant paperwork. Afterwards, we proceed to carry out an investigation to confirm that there are no anomalies with the vehicle. The requirements that are needed to apply for the loan are: that the car is not older than 10 years, that it is national and not regularized, must be registered in the name of the person requesting the loan, have an insurance policy that is maintained valid at the time of the request of the loan of money and during its duration, and original documentation such as the invoice of the car, the last 5 payments of tenures or certifications, vehicle registration, and a duplicate of the keys. Such documentation is returned to you upon liquidation of the loan.

This can be in the offices or at the customer’s home and a second appointment is agreed in order to install a geolocation device in your car as a precautionary measure that ends up agreeing to the two parties to the deal. A contract is signed and the money is delivered either by means of a check or a bank transfer.

A commission for opening the loan, since it would be a difficulty to obtain it


No commission is charged if you wish to settle the debt before the agreed term, from two months after the loan is made it is possible to pay the total without any penalty. What does exist is a minimum loan amount, which is 20,000 pesos.