Care when making a payroll loan

With rates lower than traditional loans, payroll loans can be the savior of the homeland for many people. But be careful when hiring you not to get in trouble.

Therefore, payroll-deductible loan care must be taken from the time it is hired to its repayment. Let’s talk about each of the attention items.



Did you know that payroll loan interest for retirees and pensioners has a ceiling? Yes and it is possible to check the value through the INSS website. Currently the interest on this operation cannot exceed 2.08% per month. This amount however is only related to the loan of those who have a public payroll loan. Private payrolls may have other rules.


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If you take out a private payroll deductible loan and get fired, you need to seek out the financial institution so that you can settle the outstanding installments. It is worth remembering, however, that in case of renegotiation higher interest may be charged, since the consumer will no longer have a payroll-deductible contract.

Check to see if the money fell correctly into your account within the deadline.

Once the contract has been endorsed, the amount credited must be the same amount deposited in the account indicated.

And if, by chance, the money released was less than or different from the contractor, the contractor should contact the financial institution immediately to report the error.

It is important to remember that the bank account must be the same as the receipt of retirement or pension or salary. Transferring the amount to a third party account or on behalf of another holder is not permitted.

Hire only the amount you will really need

Hire only the amount you will really need

As much as they insist, it is only the person concerned who should be aware of the amount that will be required for their loan.

Remember that in the end it is necessary to take on a new financial responsibility. And that will compromise the personal budget for a certain period.

As loan installments are deducted from retirement, pension or salary, the payable margin limit is released allowing you to borrow again.

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